About Us…

From the moment I saw my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel…it was true love. Although I have been an avid dog lover for many years, I bred Yorkshire terrier’s before I fell in love with the Cavaliers and started breeding and starting my show career!! The cavalier breed stole my heart in an instant. And there was no looking back….

Cavaliers are wonderful companion dogs who are eager to please and love nothing more than to spend the day in your lap. They have a rich and noble history in Europe and I am an advocate of both improving the health and safeguarding the future of this amazing breed as it becomes more popular in the United States.

Over the past few years, I have traveled throughout Europe to find the healthiest and most beautiful dogs and even brought several of my girls home with me from Germany. I’ve met some wonderful people at the U.K. dogs shows I’ve attended and formed wonderful friendships with my fellow Cavalier lovers.

All of our Cavaliers live free in our home and are active participants in our daily lives. I show my Cavaliers and occasionally breed them with the hope of producing my next show champion. But over anything else, our Cavaliers are beloved members of our family. I consider my Cavaliers as children, each one of whom I love dearly.

– Victoria

Showing Bentley